"Cupid's Artisanal Ensemble"

For Local Pickup/Delivery only

This Valentine's Day, immerse in the luxury of love with our exclusive "Cupid's Artisanal Ensemble" - a curated gift basket that captures the essence of romance. Each element of this basket is meticulously selected to provide an unparalleled experience of affection and indulgence.

  1. Vintage Elegance in a Bottle: Begin your romantic journey with our handpicked selection of fine wines. Whether you prefer a robust red or a crisp white, each bottle promises a symphony of flavors, perfectly complementing the spirit of the day.

  2. Lavender Embrace Candles: Illuminate your evening with our handcrafted, heart-shaped candles, delicately scented with soothing lavender. Each candle, adorned with an intentionally designed crown of flowers, symbolizes the blossoming of love, creating an ambiance of tranquility and warmth.

  3. Ester Price's Chocolate Delicacies: Indulge in the rich, velvety textures of Ester Price's renowned milk and dark chocolates. These artisanal treats, known for their exquisite taste, are a sweet testament to the depth and sweetness of your affection.

  4. Cedar Ridge Trails Lavender Bath Salts: Conclude your day of love with a relaxing soak, courtesy of our Cedar Ridge Trails lavender bath salts. Their calming properties and enchanting aroma provide the perfect backdrop for reflection and connection, washing away the stresses of the world.


Explore exquisite wines in a historic setting, turning each sip into a memorable journey.