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Ciao Bel Fiore - Ashley individually designs and handcrafts 100% soy, floral topped candles and many other sustainable home goods out of her home here in Dayton. Each candle is crafted in a repurposed vessel, featuring a unique floral crown and natural elements. These Candles, known for their striking visuals and rich scents, enhance the ambiance of any room.

Wild Roots Creative - Ali, a Dayton-based jewelry designer, reignited her passion for crafting unique pieces after an inspiring encounter at a Texas State Park. She balances her life in Dayton with six-month RV travels, drawing inspiration from America's diverse landscapes. Ali sources materials from local bead shops and creates jewelry that captures the essence of her journeys, often naming her pieces after the memorable locations she visits.

Curated Baskets - Charm your friends with The Parlor's Curated Gift Baskets, an exquisite blend of local sophistication and artisanal allure. Every basket is carefully assembled with a selection of premium items, crafted to provide a lavish gift-giving experience. More than just presents, these baskets are experiences in themselves, curated to honor memorable occasions and valued relationships. Ideal for any friend, our Curated Gift Baskets capture the essence of luxury, local artisanship, and The Parlor's inviting warmth


Leah Sparling

Leah, originally from Dayton, has embraced diverse experiences living in Seattle and the Carolinas. Not a fan of Ohio's chilly winters, she prefers cozying up by a warm fire with a glass of red wine and an engaging book. Her passions include playing sand volleyball, swimming, and taking long, rejuvenating hikes in the woods. In her professional life, Leah has been deeply involved in the non-profit sector, tackling vital issues such as food insecurity, substance addiction, and mental health. As a mother to three daughters, aged 21, 15, and 11, she skillfully juggles the roles of counselor, cook, and chauffeur. Her husband Philip, whose finance job she jokingly deems dull, joins her in finding joy in life's adventures. Together, they relish time with their two golden retrievers, monthly silent disco nights, and planning excursions along the scenic M22. Leah's time in Seattle was a turning point in her appreciation for wines, particularly those from Washington, sparking a deep-seated passion for the complexities and traditions of winemaking. This passion, coupled with her enthusiasm for assisting others in discovering their own loves and interests, makes Leah an indispensable part of The Parlor team.

Sarah Gosser

Sarah Gosser, globetrotter extraordinaire and passionate educator, has woven her adventurous spirit into the fabric of her life. From the streets of Paris, France to the sun-kissed shores of Spain, she has embraced diverse cultures with open arms. While rooted in the Dayton area, she now calls Troy home, where she continues to nurture her love for exploration. Whether it's feeling the warm sand while diving into a captivating book or savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Sarah finds joy in life's simple pleasures. With an affinity for felines, foliage, and fostering young minds in high school classrooms, she epitomizes the essence of joie de vivre. Join her this summer for lively conversations over a glass of your favorite beverage at the Parlor, where every encounter promises to be an adventure in itself.

Kate Scott

Kate's journey in the fine dining industry is inspiring. Starting as a server, her passion and hard work quickly moved her up the ladder. After eight years, she became the bar manager at J. Alexander's, overseeing multiple locations and playing a key role in their expansion. Her impressive ascent continued at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, where she became a wine manager in less than two years. Now, as an essential member of The Parlor team, Kate's profound knowledge of fine wines and her exceptional skill in creating unforgettable guest experiences indeed make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Mike AND Ashlea Sogard

As real estate investors with deep roots in the Dayton area, we, have always been driven by a singular mission: "Leave everything better than when we found it." Our latest endeavor, the renovation of the historic Mansion on Monument, is a heartfelt tribute to the city’s rich heritage. This majestic property, steeped in history, has been lovingly restored to its former glory. It’s more than just a building; it’s a piece of Dayton’s soul, a testament to the enduring spirit of the community.

With this renovation, we sought to weave together our love for history and our passion for fine wines. Our vision was to create an elegant, inviting space where the Dayton community and visitors alike can come together. Whether it’s to discover the nuanced flavors of carefully selected wines or to explore the grandeur of the mansion, every moment spent here is designed to be unforgettable.